Floor lamp - Palace of the Republic

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This premium floor lamp, designed according to historical models, is a very special home accessory. An eyecatcher in every room, this exclusive design is based on the lights that once hung in the Palace of the Republic.

Known in those days colloquially as “Erich's lamp shop”, the Palace of the Republic was built between 1973 and 1976 under Erich Honecker’s leadership. Until 1990, it was both the seat of the GDR parliament and a popular leisure and cultural centre. The generous lamp installations used to ensure that the foyer and staircase glowed brightly day and night. Many people who visited the Palace of the Republic still remember the impression that the lights made on them.

The Floor lamp with 12 globes was produced in a very limited edition and is exclusively available here.

Shipment date is Oktober 2021.

  • sizes: H: 36 cm, B: 40 cm, L: 55 cm
  • weight: 7 kg
  • made of glass and metal