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What the Humboldt brothers have to do with the Humboldt Forum. Alexander and Wilhelm von Humboldt gave the Humboldt Forum its name.

The brothers' biographies, their works and views, but also the circumstances in which they moved, create a tense relationship to the Humboldt Forum - beginning with their growing up together near the palace and the royal family.

Her later travels, Alexander's nature and Wilhelm's language studies illuminate the"intertwined system of nature and culture"and often prove to be incredibly topical:What does language mean for living together in the community? In what ways do we acquire knowledge, and what responsibility does this knowledge entail? How do we deal with colonial conditions in the past and present? The knowledge of the Humboldt brothers about the networked world, their spirit of research, their curiosity and cosmopolitanism inspire the artistic and scientific program of the Humboldt Forum.

This book connects the work of the brothers with the cultural site named after them - and dares a new look at the wide-ranging cosmos of thought of the two famous scholars in texts and pictures.

Prestel Verlag, 2022, German and English edition, paperback, brochure with flaps, 128 pages, 12 x 22 cm, 60 color illustrations, ISBN DE 978-3-7913-7954-8

culture and science

The polyphony that will make up the program of the Humboldt Forum is also reflected in the institutional interaction. The Humboldt Forum consists of four experienced partners from culture and science..

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