Book - Contemporary Art in the Humboldt Forum

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A Japanese tea house, a sound installation with Nigerian sounds, a two-part bronze flagpole:numerous works of contemporary art, some of which are expansive, can be discovered on the vast areas of Berlin's Humboldt Forum. In the exhibitions of the Ethnological Museum, the Museum of Asian Art and the State of Berlin, works by artists from different communities enrich the collections. In addition, seven works of art were realized in the Humboldt Forum, which deal with the history of the place, with the Humboldt Forum as a"place in the world", encounter and exchange or the namesake, the brothers Wilhelm and Alexander von Humboldt, appreciate. This book presents selected works of art in informative and associative texts as well as impressive photographs and thus offers completely new insights into the many-voiced cultural location Humboldt Forum.

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German and English edition

192 pages, 28 x 24 cm

German art publisher

culture and science

The polyphony that will make up the program of the Humboldt Forum is also reflected in the institutional interaction. The Humboldt Forum consists of four experienced partners from culture and science..

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