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Homo sapiens is probably the only animal that knows it will die. Only humans are aware of their own existence - and therefore also of their vulnerability and transience. Yet despite all the scientific progress, death remains a phenomenon that transcends our understanding. There is nothing we know less about than the moment after death.
As diverse as cultures and religions are worldwide, so, too, are the answers to the question of what death means. IN_FINITE brings together the various perspectives in essays, interviews, photographs and personal accounts of experiences. This book opens up a multi-layered view of ideas about the hereafter, mourning, dealing with the dying and the dead - and asks about the future of Homo sapiens in the age of the Anthropocene.

With contributions by and interviews with:Cristina Cattaneo
Stephen Cave
Dipesh Chakrabarty
Jens Dreier
Matthew Glaubrecht
Liv Nilsson Stutz
Julia Samuel
Helaine Selin & Robert M. Rakoff
Robin Wall Kimmerer
and many others

Seaman and Henschel Verlag 2023

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