Why you shouldn't miss out on the great Advent savings offers in the Humboldt Forum shops

Warum Sie sich die großen Advents-Sparangebote der Humboldt Forum-Shops nicht entgehen lassen sollten

The Humboldt Forum shops have some of the best and most unique deals for the Advent season. They offer their customers a large selection of products at unbeatable Advent prices. From exclusive gifts to stylish decorations, everyone will find what they are looking for here..

1. Advent offer from the Humboldt Forum shops

One of the best Advent offers offered by the Humboldt Forum shops is the ceiling light -Palace of the Republic at a special price: 2 for 1. This offer is particularly worthwhile, it is the biggest price saving that has ever existed.

The 2nd Advent with a 2 for 1 offer from the Humboldt Forum shops

Otherwise, the Humboldt Forum Shops also offers you the exclusive Lantern - Berlin Palace forPromotional price: 2 for 1 for the most beautiful Advent season there is a lantern and a Christmas bauble of your choice, free of charge.

Blind shopping with the Humboldt Forum shops and MocoMoco

If you are looking for beautiful Christmas decorations, the Humboldt Forum shops have another great Advent offer for you: you can get a silk scarf from MocoMoco under the motto blind shopping.

The blind shopping concept makes it possible for you to only find out which motif you have selected when you unpack it. This increases the anticipation of the unknown even more. With the11 different silk scarves from the MocoMoco collection you can give your loved ones a very special surprise. Each cloth is handmade and creatively designed, making it unique and distinctive. MocoMoco's silk scarves ensure elegance and add color to everyday life.

4. Advent offer from the Humboldt Forum shops

The 4th Advent is dedicated to the astronaut. The Astrokosmo organic tea towel from Dit is Balin is the right and handmade accessory for every kitchen.


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