Notebook A5 - History of the Site

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Use this notebook to keep your thoughts, notes and drawings for future reference. The cover’s bicoloured print on a grey background depicts three of the most important historical developments of the site where the Humboldt Forum stands today.

After the end of World War II in 1945, the severely damaged Royal Palace in the heart of Berlin was demolished in 1950. In 1976, it was replaced with the Palace of the Republic, the seat of the GDR parliament and a popular cultural centre. After the Palace of the Republic was closed and demolished, construction of the Humboldt Forum began. This was finally opened (digitally) in 2020 and reflects the site’s history and predecessors in its exhibitions, architecture, and atmosphere.

This hardcover book contains 80 pure white pages (40 double pages) and is held closed by a white elastic band.

  • A5 format with rounded corners
  • portrait format (opens upwards)
Culture and science

The polyphony that will make up the programme of the Humboldt Forum is also reflected in the institutional interaction. The Humboldt Forum is made up of four experienced partners from the fields of culture and science.

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