GDR in Objects pictorial volume 2: Leisure, Culture, Travel (GER)

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The GDR summarised in objects, scientifically edited and historically classified. The second of the three volumes in the exclusive series “GDR in Objects” shows more than 1,000 objects from the German Democratic Republic on the subjects of leisure, culture and travel on 400 pages. They all come from the collection of the DDR Museum, which with over 300,000 artefacts is the world's largest museum collection on the subject, and were curated for this pictorial by the museum's collection experts.

This extensive selection of objects from four decades is supplemented by texts by the contemporary witness and scientific director of the DDR Museum, Dr Stefan Wolle, as well as the economic author Quirin Graf Adelmann v.A. The authors give entertaining and informative insights into everyday life as well as the economic and product history of this bygone state. A total of 35 objects are highlighted on a separate double page due to their special significance and their exciting story.

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